1.6.17 | HDCA Updates

Q1 Merchant Breakfast: Join us on  Jan 12th at 8:30am for Breakfast at Riverwalk Inn! We’ll have new City Administrator, Mike Jackson, there to say hello. We’ll give general updates and have time for open discussion.

B+O Tax Credits: On Jan 1 at 12:01am, Main Street programs across the state competed for the $1.5 million available through B+O tax credits. It was a very harsh year with all funds running out within 5 hours. Many of my Main Street colleagues received little or no funding and their organizations will likely face tough decisions in the coming year. While I am saddened for them, I am grateful that Chelan has dedicated donors that got online at midnight on NYE and made their pledges. We were able to collect $132,000! I think it’s amazing that our downtown has this kind of support. I’ll let you know who those dedicated donors were as soon as the Department of Revenue confirms all names for me.

Lighting Removal: Garlands, Starbursts and the Tree will be coming down on Jan 30 and 31. If you have an employee that might be willing to help for one or two hours, please let me know!  

Promotions: Our promotions committee has mapped out 2017. We’re revamping some old, tired events and adding some new. Stay tuned for updates!

Have a great weekend!