Aug 12 Update

1. Gateway Park Update: Our board called a special meeting this month to determine next steps for the Gateway Park Project. At that meeting, the board adopted and has committed money toward Larry Hibbard’s proposal for the first phase – The Woodin Ave Landing. The conceptual design can be seen on the left. Our next step is to present the proposal at City Council on August 23rd in hopes of Council adopting the concept.

2. Holiday Lighting: Holiday lighting efforts are well underway. We would like to spruce up our downtown lighting a little this year, and we’ve committed money to doing so. HDCA has hired an electrician to help us iron out some electrical issues that have surfaced in the past. We’ll also be covering the cost for him to add a power source to buildings that do not have an outdoor power source for holiday lights. This is a $350-$500 cost per building that we’ll be covering, but we believe it’s important to have downtown lights done efficiently and safely. If your building does not have your own lighting power source and you have not heard from me yet, please email me and bring that to my attention. Thank you!

3. August Board Meeting: Our next board meeting will be Wednesday, August 17th at 8am in The Vision Room at City Hall. Please feel free to join!

4. Clock Makeover: Hopefully you noticed the Big No-Longer-Blue Clock got a makeover this week! This officially concludes the updating of our downtown light poles and clock! Thank you to the HDCA design committee volunteers, the City and most importantly, Randy Lloyd and Eric De La Mora, for making it happen!

5. HDCA Volunteer of the Month: I want to start recognizing our wonderful volunteers for all they do downtown! This month’s volunteer of the month is Arturo Zavala from Windermere. Despite working two full-time jobs and planning an upcoming charity event – Windermere’s Stand Up Paddleboard competition, Arturo has dedicated a great deal of time and energy to helping us plan for Sip & Stroll! I don’t know where he finds the time, but he does and his contribution was very appreciated! Please thank him for contributing to a vibrant downtown the next time you see him!

6. The Windermere Cup: The 1st annual Windermere Cup will be coming downtown on August 20th. This is a stand up paddleboard competition for all ages and abilities and it will raise money for our volunteer firefighters. Businesses can have a competing team or can sponsor in other ways. The event will be held in the river in front of the pavilion. Please call 682-4211 or 630-6365 if you’d like to participate or offer your support!