4/28/17 HDCA UPdates | New Directors, Last Call For Flowers, RevisitWA

Last call for flower watering

As you hopefully remember, the City will continue to water hanging flower baskets for free, but they will charge to water, treat and deadhead any personal flowers you put out in front of your business this year. You, of course, are welcome to water your own. However, if you’d like the city to do it, you need to tell me by Monday.

Flower BasketsHanging flower baskets are coming soon! It’s $75 to sponsor a hanging flower basket. If you purchased a $300 membership this year, your flower basket sponsorship is already included. If you’ve already send flower sponsorship money, please disregard this message. Otherwise, please let me know if you’d like to sponsor a flower basket and I can send an invoice! Thank you!
RevisitWA – Chelan & Heritage TourismThis week, I attended the Annual RevitalizeWA conference in Ellensburg. As part of that conference, the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation launched their newly updated guide to Washington called RevisitWA. The classic RevisitWA guidebook was first published in 1941, and the updated version is an online and app-based guide accessible to anybody. RevisitWA highlights Washington’s truly amazing places and helps promote historic preservation and heritage tourism throughout the state. It’s a great source for anybody interested in spending time away from the freeways and on the backroads of Washington State. HDCA partnered with Mary Sherer and Ron McGaughey at the Chelan Museum to make sure Chelan and Historic Downtown Chelan were included in this project, and we’re excited about the final product. Check it out at www.revisitwa.org.

Woodin Avenue Landing

We’re making such great progress on Woodin Avenue Landing! We have $107,000 committed to the project right now and we’ll be working in the coming months to raise an additional $30,000. We hope to break ground the day after Labor Day. 

New Directors
We are excited to have two new directors on the HDCA board! Welcome Steve Clark and Garth Donald! These guys are both eager to be involved with the HDCA, and each will be a great asset to the group. We’re lucky to have them share their energy and intelligence with us!
Steve Clark
I retired from The Boeing Company in November 2016 after nearly 30 years of service, and immediately relocated to our home on the south shore, completing a 7-year transition from the time we originally purchased our home here.
  Now that I have relocated to the Chelan Valley full time, I am progressively getting involved in the community, utilizing my past experience and skills to help this community become more productive, inviting, and prosperous. I am very interested in interacting with leaders in the community, and adding my talents to this group of capable people. I am also looking to invest in long term relationships and the bond that comes with them.  This is a wonderful community we have made a commitment to, with important needs, issues and opportunities to address.  Anne and I are enjoying all the activities and choices this area has to offer, and plan to be visible and valuable members of the community in the future.
Garth Donald
Garth has followed his passion for brewing and customer experience for several years now, and recently helped open Chelan’s Stormy Mountain Brewing and Local Public House.  The public house is committed to providing family-friendly dining options and fun activities for both locals and visitors. It is Garth’s vision to see Chelan thrive and prosper through local business cooperation, while maintaining the classic small-town character that makes the area so special.

Thank you to Chelan Middle School 6th Graders for spending this morning cleaning downtown Chelan! And thank you to Scott Beaton for continuing to organize this annual effort!

Weekly Update 4/10/2017

Downtown Merchant Spring Clean Up

Downtown businesses and city staff will meet at the clock tomorrow at 9am, take a group photo and then go clean the streets, alleys and sidewalks. We’ll do a press release to share the efforts with the community, so be sure to participate. More than anything, this is a symbol that we care about our town!  Please bring push brooms or any other items you have that might be useful!

Our New Team Member

We were fortunate to have some very qualified candidates apply for our part-time position, and we’re so excited to welcome Jennifer Keitzman to the HDCA team!  Jennifer recently relocated to Chelan from Olympia.  She has a diverse professional background that has provides many skills for this role,  and even more importantly, it’s quickly obvious that Jennifer is the type to take a task and run with it.  We feel so lucky to have her join the team.  She’ll be spending 20 hours weekly with us, so please introduce yourself whe yousee her out and about.

Garage-a-Rama and Earth Day – Saturday, all day

Don’t forget it’s a big weekend coming up!  We’re lucky to have such a fun Earth Day in Chelan – did you know there’s a team of 17 people that spend 6 months planning that event each year?!! Great job and big thanks to that team!

Weekly Update 3/10/2017

Top Dog Parade

It’s time for the annual Wayne Kelly Memorial Top Dog Parade – happening at noon on Saturday! Yay!

The King County Pipes and Drums are back in town, and they deserve some recognition! They come to Chelan, on their own dime, because they want to help attract business to Chelan in one of our slower months. They participate in the parade as well as a pub crawl. This year, HDCA and the Chamber are happy to be able to help them cover some of their costs. However, they are still paying some money out of pocket just to come help Chelan businesses! Please thank this group if you see them around!

Also, a huge thank you to Kelly’s Hardware, the Lions, Karl and Debbie Word and the Chelan County Sheriff’s office for making the parade happen!

Membership Links on Website
We’ve added hyperlinks to our membership page, so now visitors can click-through  to your page! Thank you to Gwen Earley for adding that function to our site.  We currently have all 2016 and 2017 members listed, but will update to only 2017 members soon. Get those dues in 🙂

Summer Flowers reminder

As a reminder, the City will be charging a nominal fee for personal flower care downtown this summer, and you need to send payment/confirmation by APRIL 14 if you want to be included. The money collected will be going back into the City’s downtown fund. Here are more details:

*Flower maintenance includes watering, fertilizing and dead-heading
*$40/season for 5 or less personal flower pots
*$60/season for 6 or more personal flower pots or a large flower box
*Money collected will go back into the City’s downtown fund
*Checks can be made to City of Chelan and dropped off at the Park’s Department or HDCA office

As checks are received, we will add you to the list of businesses receiving this service. If checks haven’t been received by April 14, it will be assumed you are watering your own.

What has the City done for Downtown Chelan lately?

I have the lucky fortune of seeing Mike Cooney at the gym most mornings, and we frequently take the opportunity for a little HDCA/City catch up. Recently, I jokingly asked him what he’s done for us (downtown) lately. What started as a joke turned into a legitimate conversation on the topic. I think it’s important to share this kind of information with membership, so below are some of the highlights from that conversation:

*Added snow removal emphasis for this year
*Beautification: Benches, receptacles, painting light poles
*Provide man power for all events
*Downtown Summer Watering Program
*Parking Enforcement
*Added deputy for downtown in summer
*Planning efforts: look & feel, traffic improvements, emergency preparedness
*Mike didn’t list this, but I’ll add on that Randy Lloyd from Public Works has been extremely helpful in providing an extra hand for holiday lighting.

One-Way bridge test request update

As you may know, HDCA has requested that the City test the one-way bridge option before we give an endorsement of the project. This request was based on feedback from our members. In response, the City has shared that their insurance company is opposed to such a test. I requested an official statement to share with our members (see below). Given the below, the HDCA Board will revisit the topic and decide if/how this information changes our official stance. Please let me know if you have input.

Statement from the City

“We contacted the City’s insurance pool, Washington Cities Insurance Authority, and although, they cannot legally prevent us from conducting a “one-way test” on the Woodin Avenue Bridge, they STRONGLY advise against it.  The liability exposure to the City and the risk pool is enormous.  The rep said if the City decides to conduct a test despite their opposition, WCIA would require a police officer stationed at both ends of the bridge for the entire duration (24/7) and pedestrians would be prohibited from accessing the bridge.”  





Weekly Update 3/3/2017

One-way Bridge Meeting

 On Wednesday evening, the City hosted a meeting for downtown businesses regarding the option of one-waying the Old Bridge. We had a nice turnout and good conversation. For those who weren’t able to make it, there was far too much detailed content to take thorough notes. The City did record the meeting and I am happy to help you get a copy of the audio if you’d like it.
Ballots Due

A reminder that HDCA Board Director Ballots are due on Monday, March 6.
March 11th – Wayne Kelly Memorial St. Patrick’s Day Top Dog Parade
Dress up your kids, dress up your dogs and march them down the parade route! The HDCA and Chamber of Commerce have sponsored the King County Firefighters Pipes and Drums and we’re looking forward to them making another appearance this year!


March 23 – Annual Membership Dinner

6pm, Andante’s


All members in good standing are invited to our 2017 Annual Membership Dinner, which will be held at Andante’s on March 23rd at 6pm. We will be kicking off our Historical Plaque Program, introducing our new board members and providing an opportunity to chat with your downtown neighbors! Tickets are $35 for salad, dinner, dessert, taxes and gratuity. We’d love to have you there, so pay up those 2017 dues if you haven’t already. If you’d like to join for dinner, please reply to let me know.


Merchant’s Breakfast Social
April 14, 8am, Campbell’s

Our next merchant social will be in April. We’ll follow up with topics to be discussed as the date gets closer.



April 22nd


Get it on your calendar! From 9am to 4pm, participating Historic Downtown Chelan merchants will gather at the entrance to town to offer red hot specials! It’s also Earth Day in Riverwalk Park.

2/24/17 Weekly Updates

Bridge Meeting for Downtown Businesses:

The City will hold two meetings to discuss the possibility of “one-waying” the old bridge. The first one is specifically for YOU – the downtown business community. The goal is to give you the entire picture of the project and open it up for questions. That meeting will be held next week – on Wednesday 3/1 at 5:30pm at City Hall.

The second meeting will be an open house for the general public held on Thursday, 3/2 at City Hall beginning at 4pm.The City has arranged to have key traffic and urban planners attend both meetings to explain the project and answer questions.

Annual Membership Dinner – Save the Date:

We will be having our annual membership dinner on March 23rd at 6pm. More information is to follow, but please save the date. It’s going to be a great, informative evening!

Small Town Christmas video:

With 2000+ participants and 27+ activities, this year’s STC was bigger than ever. We hope to continue to grow it in the future. If you weren’t able to get out and be a part of the activities, see the video of our Small Town Christmas on this website.  It will give you an idea of some of the fun stuff we had downtown in December! GoLakeChelan will be creating a shortened version to use to promote 2017 Small Town Christmas!

Volunteer Thank You:

We had one last holiday lighting work party, and I want to thank the following volunteers for giving up a morning to come help change bulbs! We can finally put the lights in storage until next year!

Cathy Sand
Chelan School of Innovation Students
Barb Wadkins – Lake Chelan Sports
Rick Dodge – Chelan Printing and Custom Signs
Jeremy Gleeson – Chelan Printing and Custom Signs
JoAnne Strandberg – Culinary Apple
Concie Luna – Rotary
Rick Nedrow – Rotary
Leah Thompson
Heather DeSaillan – The Village Vet

Stormy Mountain Brewing Façade: 

To the delight of everybody, Stormy Mountain unexpectedly uncovered old Kline’s signage while working on their façade this week! We’ve talked to co-owner and contractor KC Knight and he has let us know they are hoping to preserve that old signage! We’re excited to see their work unfold.

City Council Visit to Olympia:

Thank you to Mayor Cooney and members of City Council for taking time to express their support for Main Street and share the plans for Woodin Avenue Landing while in Olympia this week! Ray Dobbs was especially instrumental in sharing info and sending me updates from Olympia – as always, he is a great supporter of downtown Chelan! HDCA appreciates your support!



1.6.17 | HDCA Updates

Q1 Merchant Breakfast: Join us on  Jan 12th at 8:30am for Breakfast at Riverwalk Inn! We’ll have new City Administrator, Mike Jackson, there to say hello. We’ll give general updates and have time for open discussion.

B+O Tax Credits: On Jan 1 at 12:01am, Main Street programs across the state competed for the $1.5 million available through B+O tax credits. It was a very harsh year with all funds running out within 5 hours. Many of my Main Street colleagues received little or no funding and their organizations will likely face tough decisions in the coming year. While I am saddened for them, I am grateful that Chelan has dedicated donors that got online at midnight on NYE and made their pledges. We were able to collect $132,000! I think it’s amazing that our downtown has this kind of support. I’ll let you know who those dedicated donors were as soon as the Department of Revenue confirms all names for me.

Lighting Removal: Garlands, Starbursts and the Tree will be coming down on Jan 30 and 31. If you have an employee that might be willing to help for one or two hours, please let me know!  

Promotions: Our promotions committee has mapped out 2017. We’re revamping some old, tired events and adding some new. Stay tuned for updates!

Have a great weekend!

HDCA 2016 Highlights

Hi there,

It’s been a busy season of Small Town Christmas, and weekly updates have been neglected! I’m getting back on that bandwagon now.

HDCA Presents Christmas Eve Community Concert: This Saturday at 10am, we’ll have our final Small Town Christmas event of the year! HDCA presents a community Christmas Eve Concert in the beautiful, historic St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Local musicians will perform and we’ll close with a sing-a-long for kids! This event has been getting a lot of interest, but please continue to spread the word!

January Merchant Social: We’ll have our first social of the year on Jan 12th at 8:30am at Riverwalk Inn. This will be an opportunity to meet the new City Administrator, talk about Winterfest and provide feedback on Small Town Christmas or anything else on your mind! We hope to see you there!

Small Town Christmas: As we wrap up Small Town Christmas, I wanted to share some highlights, photos and thank yous!

We had 27 downtown activities from Nov 25-Dec 24th as part of Small Town Christmas.

13 of those were new activities this year

Without including Hot Friday and Shop Small Saturday shoppers, we had about 1600 participants in our various activities.

We created/nurtured great partnerships with other organizations and helped raise money for The Food Bank ($700), Habitat for Humanity ($400) and Thrive Chelan Valley (not yet known).

 I’d say Chelan did an excellent job keeping downtown vibrant during the holidays! Thank you to all those who helped with activities, including Shawn Shippey and The Chelan Car Club, Tasheena Christensen, Linda Van Lunsen, Brian Thompson and Chelan Fire and Rescue, Steve Firman and the Carolers, The Eagles, Dalisa Jo Portraiture, Jillian Foster, Crystal Austin + Chelan Artists Alliance, Chelan Realtors Association, Chelan Dance Centre, Culinary Apple, Larry Hibbard and The Ruby Theater, Riverwalk Books, Bear Foods, Chelan Food Bank, Lake Chelan Library, Garth Donald and Stormy Mountain Brewing, Frants Holm-Nielsen and Habitat for Humanity, Linda Mayer and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Adam Rynd and Coldwell Banker/Sage, Chelan Printing, The Vogue, Swim World, Brisa Romero and Chelan Interact, Classic Pizzazz, Thrive Chelan Valley, Leah Thompson, Arturo Zavala, Shannon Ellner, Barb Kuch, Servando Robledo, Kirsten Hannu, Jeffrey Vanderholm, Jack Christensen, Liz Morris, Rolf Vegdahl, Vaughn Schnell, Concie Luna, Tim Lemon, Mike Jackson, Mike Steele, Kathleen Rodman, Chelan High School Band and GoLakeChelan.  

 I’m positive I forgot somebody, so I apologize in advance! Please enjoy some photos of our various events below!

 Downtown Year-in-review: I will be on vacation next week, so I’d like to close out the final update of the year with some of our HDCA highlights from 2016! We hope our work feels meaningful to you, we appreciate your support and thank you all for a wonderful year downtown!!

 We clocked more than 850 hours of volunteer time toward HDCA efforts in 2016.

 We finished our new website.

 We’re ready to roll out our Historic Plaque program in partnership with the Historical Society featuring plaques with photos and descriptions for downtown buildings.

 Sip & Stroll – We raised more money than ever – 3 times the amount raised last year. We put that money toward necessary electrical upgrades downtown for holiday lighting.

 Holiday Lighting – Downtown had almost every building lit and we completed electrical upgrades that have been on the work plan for several years. We’re currently working on a partnership with a great local organization (staying quiet until it’s official) to help with our 5 year lighting plan.

 Woodin Avenue Landing – We have made tremendous progress on this 3.5-year-old project. We’re currently looking at an HDCA/City/Rotary partnership to get this project done by Spring 2018.

 Small Town Christmas – We expanded activities and increased turnout for tree lighting and other activities.

 We finished our first electrical wrap at the corner of Safeway and received a ton of great feedback.

 We revised our By-Laws.

 With the help of the City, we got the lamp posts and clock repainted.

 We implemented Weekly Updates from HDCA.

 We have all four committees functioning and meeting on a regular basis.

 We created strong partnerships with other organizations throughout the valley.

 We significantly increased our social media and traditional PR presence.

 We started quarterly merchant socials.

  We on-boarded 5 new board members, a new ED, new VP and new President

 The HDCA couldn’t do all the above and much more without the support of downtown businesses! It’s been a busy 2016! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you all in 2017!

Nov 18th

1)      The full STC schedule has now been completed. Please go to our homepage to view it, and please share on your social media if you feel inclined.

2)      Speaking of our webpage , check it out! It’s been a long time in the making, and we’re excited to finally have it ready to share!

3)      If you haven’t already turned on your roofline lights, please do so by early next week.

4)      As you’ve seen, many of our holiday lights are up and ready. Thank you to Rotary, Chelan School of Innovation, Valley Fitness, Frants Holm-Nielsen, Chelan Printing, Swim World, Black Dog, The Vogue, Lake Chelan Sports, Skip Morehouse, Jon Lyman, Leah and Rich Thompson and Public Works!

We still need to fill in some of the solar lights on trees and set up the Christmas tree. If you’re available today at 4 or tomorrow at 10am, please meet at the big clock.

5)      Amex is behind schedule on delivering Small Business Saturday swag. They say we’ll be receiving it next week, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. I know Riverwalk Books received their swag already and shared what they received with others. Thanks, Libby! While we wait to see if the rest of the swag arrives, please plan to wear plaid next Saturday regardless.

6)      Just a heads up that CHS INTERACT  Club will be wrapping gifts for donation on Hot Friday. If you don’t wrap and have customers that need it, send them upstairs at Swim World!

Nov 4th

Halloween: Thank you to all the downtown businesses for contributing to another great downtown trick-or-treat! As always, it was a hit with kids and adults alike. I want to give a special shout out to Juli @ KOZI for volunteering to provide the sound system and spooky music, and to the Lions Club for providing volunteers to keep the streets safe!! Enjoy photos on our social media!

Christmas Eve Concert: We’re working on a Christmas Eve morning concert at St. Andrew’s Episcopal to wrap up Small Town Christmas with a bang. If you know any musicians that might be interested in performing, please send them my way!

Chamber Managers: Just a heads up that there will be 80+ Chamber Managers in town next Wed., Thur. and Fri. I’m sure they’ll be out and about, so I wanted you to have it on your radar.

HDCA has so much going on right now.
Here’s what’s keeping us busy at the moment:

We’re in the midst of budget and work plan creation for 2017.

We’re close to finalizing the historical plaque program in partnership with the Museum.

We’re partnering with the museum to get Chelan added to a new travel app that will highlight historical locations in Washington State!

We have put hours, days and weeks into holiday lighting, and we are planning on almost 100% participation from downtown businesses for roofline lighting! Yay! We’re still asking for personal lights to be ready by mid November. We’re hanging all additional lighting Nov 12-19th.

We’re 99% finished with the Small Town Christmas schedule. We’ll share that next week.

With a few more small edits, we’ll be ready to launch our new website! Stay Tuned!

Oct 17 Update

Halloween: It’s almost here! Amongst all the usual craziness, this year we’ll be having a baby costume contest and we’ll also be incorporating a few “teal pumpkin” stops on Main Street. For those who are not familiar, the teal pumpkin program helps include kids who have food allergies in Halloween celebrations. A teal pumpkin outside the door means you’re giving away something that is safe for all kids (pencils, stickers, other trinkets). If you’re interested in being one of our teal pumpkin stops, let me know and we’ll get you a teal pumpkin!

 Board Retreat & HDCA 2.0: This Wednesday is our Annual Board retreat from 8am to noon at the PUD offices. The focus of this meeting is to figure out what we want to see from HDCA in its next stage of life, and we have a consultant that has worked with many successful Main Street programs coming to help facilitate these discussions. We will be reviewing all survey answers, so please take five minutes to voice your opinion here: ttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FZ83ZVS

We invite you all to stop by at any point to observe the discussion on Wednesday!

 Holiday Lighting: We’ve been busy working on holiday lighting! As a reminder, we’d love if all downtown businesses had their lights up, tested and ready to go by the end of October. If you have questions or need info on ordering lights or hiring somebody to handle your lights for you, please let me know.

 Small Town Christmas: Our promotions committee has been busy getting activities and details locked in for Small Town Christmas! We’ve pulled in a lot of local organizations that will be hosting various events downtown, and we’re really excited to share all the plans. As soon as we have the loose ends tied up, I’ll send out the full schedule to everybody!