June 2 Update

June Hospitality Tour 2016

Do you want local hospitality employees to know more about your business so they can then provide helpful information about your business to tourists?


If so, sign up to be one of the stops on the HDCA’s 2016 Hospitality Tour!


Info on how the hospitality tour will work:


Who: HDCA, downtown businesses and local hospitality personnel


Where: Downtown


When: June – exact date and time TBD


What and Why: The hospitality tour is a chance to bring local hospitality personnel downtown to help familiarize them with our downtown businesses so they can be prepared to inform tourists about everything we have to offer downtown! We will also open up this opportunity to owners and employees of downtown businesses that may want to be more informed about what their neighbors have to offer.


How it works:

The tour will consist of two parts – 1) A guided tour and 2) A self-guided tour.


*Guided Tour: The guided tour will be approximately 1 hour. During the guided tour, the tour participants will make a guided lap around downtown and businesses will have the chance to introduce themselves to the group and give them a brief explanation of your business (seriously brief, ~ 1 min). 

*Self-Guided Tour: The self-guided tour serves as an opportunity for tour participants to get a more in-depth look at businesses. During the self-guided tour, tour participants will have an opportunity to select 15 or more businesses to visit. Those who visit 15 businesses and get a sticker validating they visited each business will be entered into a drawing for a prize. 

The self-guided tour will include a takeaway sheet that gives a brief overview of each business. Businesses must stamp this sheet to confirm a participant has come into their store. If you want to incentivize participants to choose your business during the self-guided tour, you will have an opportunity to do so. 

If you’d like to participate, let me know by replying to this email by June 6th and I will follow up with next steps.

May 30 Update

Hope everybody had a great Memorial Day weekend!

I’ll periodically send emails like this to share information that is important to all HDCA members and other downtown businesses. I’ll do my best to keep them brief!

This week:

1) We want to welcome our four new HDCA board members: Coron Polley of The VIP Slaugenhaupt Insurance Agency, JoAnne Strandberg of Culinary Apple, Sandi Sandum of Twisted and Kirk McGovern, owner of the Sojourners/Green Dot building! They all bring excellent business backgrounds, knowledge and skills. We’re so excited to have them! Yay for newbies!

2) The next big task for HDCA is recruiting volunteers for our four committees: Design, Promotion, Organization and Economic Vitality. The goal is to have at least 4 people on each committee. I need a total of 16 volunteers and I’m currently at 5. I’m doing a ton of networking and outreach right now, but I’d also like to ask your help in targeting great volunteers!  If you know any smart and talented people around town that might like to get involved (retirees are awesome), please let me know or direct them to me for more info. If we want a strong downtown association, we need a strong volunteer base. The time commitment is an hour a month and a few additional hours throughout the year. Committees are not a huge time commitment, but they do make a huge difference!

3) We are organizing a tour of downtown for hospitality personnel in June. The purpose of the tour is to share our downtown with local hospitality personnel so they can share that knowledge with curious tourists! More info to come.

4) We’ve got our social media up and going. Please follow us on Facebook (downtown.chelan), Instagram (historic_downtown_Chelan) and Twitter (@historicchelan)!

5)  Finally, flower baskets are here! If you’d like to sponsor a flower basket this year, please let me know!