Oct 17 Update

Halloween: It’s almost here! Amongst all the usual craziness, this year we’ll be having a baby costume contest and we’ll also be incorporating a few “teal pumpkin” stops on Main Street. For those who are not familiar, the teal pumpkin program helps include kids who have food allergies in Halloween celebrations. A teal pumpkin outside the door means you’re giving away something that is safe for all kids (pencils, stickers, other trinkets). If you’re interested in being one of our teal pumpkin stops, let me know and we’ll get you a teal pumpkin!

 Board Retreat & HDCA 2.0: This Wednesday is our Annual Board retreat from 8am to noon at the PUD offices. The focus of this meeting is to figure out what we want to see from HDCA in its next stage of life, and we have a consultant that has worked with many successful Main Street programs coming to help facilitate these discussions. We will be reviewing all survey answers, so please take five minutes to voice your opinion here: ttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FZ83ZVS

We invite you all to stop by at any point to observe the discussion on Wednesday!

 Holiday Lighting: We’ve been busy working on holiday lighting! As a reminder, we’d love if all downtown businesses had their lights up, tested and ready to go by the end of October. If you have questions or need info on ordering lights or hiring somebody to handle your lights for you, please let me know.

 Small Town Christmas: Our promotions committee has been busy getting activities and details locked in for Small Town Christmas! We’ve pulled in a lot of local organizations that will be hosting various events downtown, and we’re really excited to share all the plans. As soon as we have the loose ends tied up, I’ll send out the full schedule to everybody!