Oct 21, 2016 Update

poles2Holiday lighting work parties: We’ll have three holiday lighting work parties this year. The schedule can be found below. It takes a lot of time to hang garland and light every tree in downtown Chelan. We still need volunteers for Nov 12th and Nov 15th. We would love if every downtown business showed your support by providing a volunteer (friend, family member, employee, yourself?). Alternatively, you could host coffee, hot chocolate or chili for our volunteers. Please reply to this email if you can provide a body or some festivity for volunteers. If we don’t hear from you over email, one of our lighting committee members will be around soon to ask if you can chip into the effort. Thank you!!

Work Party Schedule:

Sat, November 12th, 10am: Wrap solar lights on all trees on Woodin, Emerson and Johnson. Working as teams of 2. We currently have 10 volunteers and we could still use at least 10 more.

Tues, November 15th, 10am: Hanging Starbursts andsip Garland on all downtown lamp posts. This is the most difficult lighting effort of the year. We have 8 volunteers and could still use many more.

Sat, November 19th, 10am: Erecting and lighting main tree. We have enough volunteers for this day, but if you’d like to host hot chocolate or chili, we’d love it!

Flowers: The City’s watering cart broke down, so watering is officially over for the year. Hanging baskets will be coming down soon. If Heidi was still watering your flowers, you may want to keep an eye on them now.

sipnstrollFor the last few weeks Heidi was coming in even on her days off to water flowers. She really wanted to keep the baskets beautiful as long as possible. If you see her around, please mention how much we appreciate her dedication to keeping downtown beautiful!