HDCA Projects.

Woodin Ave Landing

phase-i-conceptThe HDCA Design Committee has spent several years working with local architects to develop a conceptual plan for the space between the old bridge and Campbell’s. The goal is to create a more inviting space that gives locals and visitors better access to the PUD dock and lake. On August 3, 2016, the HDCA board accepted a proposal from Hibbard Architecture and committed to contributing substantial funding. On August 23, 2016, HDCA presented the proposal to City Council and Council members voted to support the proposal. In October 2016, HDCA committed an additional $32,000 to the project and the City of Chelan committed $75,000.

In 2017, HDCA worked hard to secure the final $30,000 in funding to make the project happen. With the help of generous donors throughout the community, we’ve met our goal and we are currently working with Hibbard Architecture, the City of Chelan and Lake Chelan Rotary to break ground on this project in September 2017. If you’d like to donate, please call or email. Any funds above and beyond what is needed on this project will be applied to our next pocket park, which will be the space in between B.C. MacDonald’s and Campbell’s Park Room.

Pole & Clock Painting

poles2In summer 2016, the HDCA design committee worked with the City of Chelan to give all the downtown lamp posts and the big clock a much needed facelift. The design committee went with a modern dark brown and Randy Lloyd and Eric De La Mora from Public Works put in many hours getting everything painted. Thank you to the City, the Public Works team and our Design Committee!



Downtown Electrical Box Wraps

electrical-wrapsThe HDCA Design Committee had a goal of making the large electrical boxes on the corner of Johnson and Columbia “disappear”! With the approval of the City and the DOT, we moved forward with the electrical wraps in summer of 2016. The wrap made a huge difference and was very successful in making the electrical boxes blend in. A huge thank you to Chelan Printing and Custom Signs for donating design time for this project!

Coming Up: our design committee is currently working on our second electrical box wrap, which will be placed on the electrical box in front of Tin Lilly. This wrap will have more of a historical downtown context. Keep your eyes peeled!

Holiday Lighting

treeIn an effort to create a more inviting holiday experience in Chelan, the HDCA created the “Holiday Lights at the Lake” initiative in 2016. The goal of the initiative is to create and follow a 5-year plan that will result in Chelan becoming a destination for our holiday lighting experience. The goal for 2016 was to create awareness and try to get the community involved as much as possible in lighting. The HDCA has also committed up to $11,000 to upgrade the electrical system downtown and provide more downtown lighting. 

Coming up: now that we have the electrical upgraded, our plan for 2017 is to make more of a visible impact for holiday lighting. This year, we’ll be focusing on overhead lighting and highlights at the intersection of Emerson and Woodin! If you’d like to be a member of our lighting committed, please call or email.

If you’d like to be a member of our lighting committed, please call or email.

Flower Baskets

flowersEach summer, the HDCA coordinates the hanging flower baskets downtown. We raise money to cover some of the cost and our organization covers the additional costs out of the general fund. Thank you the City of Chelan’s Parks Department for handling the watering and care of these flowers during the summer!

Lake Chelan Color Books

color-bookIn 2015, the HDCA worked with local artist, Ron McGaughey, to create a Lake Chelan Color Book. The books are filled with wonderful illustrations of Chelan and serve as a perfect gift for kids of all ages! Color books can be purchased for $5 at the HDCA office or at multiple downtown businesses (Chelan Museum, Bear Foods, Lake Chelan Sports, Riverwalk Books, Chelan Printing & Custom Signs).


Plaque Program

In partnership with the Lake Chelan Historical Society, the HDCA has created the first eight stops on a downtown historical walking tour. We’ve highlighted four old buildings with a plaque showcasing an old photo of the building along with a historical story of the building. We have four additional stops that include a digital component. Visitors are able to scan the QR code provided to see an old photo of the building along with the story of that building. The HDCA has really enjoyed the partnership with the Historical Society and has a goal of creating even more stops on our downtown historical walking tour!


Hospitality Tour

In June of 2016, we had our first annual Hospitality Tour. This tour provides an opportunity for local hospitality personnel and downtown employees to become more familiar with what each business has to offer downtown! It’s important that we know more about our neighbors. One lucky participant won $200!