Weekly Update 3/10/2017

Top Dog Parade

It’s time for the annual Wayne Kelly Memorial Top Dog Parade – happening at noon on Saturday! Yay!

The King County Pipes and Drums are back in town, and they deserve some recognition! They come to Chelan, on their own dime, because they want to help attract business to Chelan in one of our slower months. They participate in the parade as well as a pub crawl. This year, HDCA and the Chamber are happy to be able to help them cover some of their costs. However, they are still paying some money out of pocket just to come help Chelan businesses! Please thank this group if you see them around!

Also, a huge thank you to Kelly’s Hardware, the Lions, Karl and Debbie Word and the Chelan County Sheriff’s office for making the parade happen!

Membership Links on Website
We’ve added hyperlinks to our membership page, so now visitors can click-through  to your page! Thank you to Gwen Earley for adding that function to our site.  We currently have all 2016 and 2017 members listed, but will update to only 2017 members soon. Get those dues in 🙂

Summer Flowers reminder

As a reminder, the City will be charging a nominal fee for personal flower care downtown this summer, and you need to send payment/confirmation by APRIL 14 if you want to be included. The money collected will be going back into the City’s downtown fund. Here are more details:

*Flower maintenance includes watering, fertilizing and dead-heading
*$40/season for 5 or less personal flower pots
*$60/season for 6 or more personal flower pots or a large flower box
*Money collected will go back into the City’s downtown fund
*Checks can be made to City of Chelan and dropped off at the Park’s Department or HDCA office

As checks are received, we will add you to the list of businesses receiving this service. If checks haven’t been received by April 14, it will be assumed you are watering your own.

What has the City done for Downtown Chelan lately?

I have the lucky fortune of seeing Mike Cooney at the gym most mornings, and we frequently take the opportunity for a little HDCA/City catch up. Recently, I jokingly asked him what he’s done for us (downtown) lately. What started as a joke turned into a legitimate conversation on the topic. I think it’s important to share this kind of information with membership, so below are some of the highlights from that conversation:

*Added snow removal emphasis for this year
*Beautification: Benches, receptacles, painting light poles
*Provide man power for all events
*Downtown Summer Watering Program
*Parking Enforcement
*Added deputy for downtown in summer
*Planning efforts: look & feel, traffic improvements, emergency preparedness
*Mike didn’t list this, but I’ll add on that Randy Lloyd from Public Works has been extremely helpful in providing an extra hand for holiday lighting.

One-Way bridge test request update

As you may know, HDCA has requested that the City test the one-way bridge option before we give an endorsement of the project. This request was based on feedback from our members. In response, the City has shared that their insurance company is opposed to such a test. I requested an official statement to share with our members (see below). Given the below, the HDCA Board will revisit the topic and decide if/how this information changes our official stance. Please let me know if you have input.

Statement from the City

“We contacted the City’s insurance pool, Washington Cities Insurance Authority, and although, they cannot legally prevent us from conducting a “one-way test” on the Woodin Avenue Bridge, they STRONGLY advise against it.  The liability exposure to the City and the risk pool is enormous.  The rep said if the City decides to conduct a test despite their opposition, WCIA would require a police officer stationed at both ends of the bridge for the entire duration (24/7) and pedestrians would be prohibited from accessing the bridge.”