Winterfest Sunday

2021 date TBD

Pull your team of 4 together for a fun day in Historic Downtown Chelan!

Event #1:  Polar Pong

See how quickly your team of 4 can shoot your “snowballs” in to six 5 gallon buckets.  Once you make a bucket, it is removed, until all buckets have been hit.

Event #2:  Snow Globe Trot

All 4 teammates enter the giant rat wheel.  Together, you will trot your way to the finish line.  Be careful not to tip over!

Event #3:  Beanie Bowl

Each teammate dons a pair of pantyhose fitted with tennis balls.  Using only your head, each teammate must knock over 12 water bottles.

Event #4:  Sack Dash

A true relay – teammate #1 hops down and back in their sack.  Teammate #2 takes off after the high five and does the same, etc.

Event #5:  Snowball Snuggle

With such a cute name… you and your teammates will pass the “snowball” using only your neck.

Event #6:  Penguin Shuffle

The final event!  All four teammates will step on to a set of ski’s and hold on to their rope handles.  Together, you will “ski” to the finish line and clock your final time to complete all six events.