Vote For Best Car-stume!

View the photos below then vote for your favorite car. Winners will be announced via social media on November 6th. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the car-stume contest!

Mummy Rescue

“Strange things happen on Halloween! “Mummy Rescue “ rounded up several creatures needing help because pranksters chased them and tried to turn them into Halloween mummies. Mummy Rescue responded to SAVE them. This year they saved bats, a giant black widow, cats, crows, ghosts, an alligator, and even a horse that jumped into the backseat just before the parade. The whole team didn’t fit in the seatbelts in the rescue vehicle so some of the squad rode in a unicorn vehicle behind. All of the rescue squad received a goodie bag from HDCA and the Chamber for a good days work answering calls for help. They then proceeded to trick r treat while the Chief Rescue Officer returned all the creatures safely to the wild.”

Frozen Funderland featuring Elsa, Anna & Olaf!

“It’s a snowy ride with warm hearts and I love hugs!”

Lake Police & Jailbird Blondie

“The Lake Police decided to take care of the town Chelan this Halloween. The main Chief Little Miss Lakers caught the bank robber from Wells Fargo tonight. She had her driver Mrs. MA escorted by the one eyed pony take the jailbait lady named Blondie down to the police station for booking. The town should now be safe for our young trick or treaters voiced the Lil Chief Lakers in an interview afterwards. She wished everyone a Happy Halloween 2021.”

Alice in Wonderland

“We had Alice on too, the Mad Hatter driving, Cheshire Cat, white rabbit, and Queen of hearts in the back. The car was decorated with Alice in wonderland themed items all around it.”

“The big one that didn’t get away!” Swedish Fish

“Thank you for the fun parade. Austin liked this costume no one could tell how much candy he was eating. Happy Halloween!”