Bring the kids downtown and stroll through Historic Downtown Chelan to enjoy the magical story of The Little Red Sleigh. Starting at the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce, follow the story by visiting the following locations (in this order):

  1. Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce
  2. Main Street Gallery
  3. The Boutique at Lake Chelan Massage & Spa
  4. Local Myth
  5. Lulu Boutique
  6. Lake Life
  7. The Shirt Shop
  8. Woven Threads
  9. Green Dot
  10. Moonpenny
  11. Goldie’s
  12. Culinary Apple
  13. Windermere
  14. Willow
  15. Chelan Toys & Sweets
  16. Lush Life
  17. Spirals