Woodin Avenue Landing.

Gateway Park Project – Multiple Phases

The Gateway Project, which has been developed over the last three years through a series of community meetings and public input, will transform areas in the center of our community that have been neglected for years. The Historic Downtown Chelan Association on and Lake Chelan Rotary would like to provide the attention these spaces need, and in doing so, help drive more locals and visitors downtown to support our local economy and create a more vibrant community center. As seen below, the project has multiple phases. However, the Lake Chelan Rotary and HDCA are currently focused on Phase I – The Woodin Avenue Landing.

Phase I – Woodin Ave Landing

While the Gateway Project consists of multiple phases, we are currently focused solely on completing Phase I – The Woodin Ave Landing (WAL). The goal of the WAL is to beautify a neglected, but very visible, corner of downtown Chelan while increasing walkability and boater access to downtown. It also offers the benefit of providing an additional public lake access point for downtown visitors.

In 2017, HDCA worked hard to secure the final $30,000 in funding to make the project happen. With the help of generous donors throughout the community, we’ve met our goal and we are currently working with Hibbard Architecture, the City of Chelan and Lake Chelan Rotary to break ground on this project in the Spring of 2018. If you’d like to donate, please call or email. Any funds above and beyond what is needed on this project will be applied to our next pocket park, which will be the space in between B.C. MacDonald’s and Campbell’s Park Room.

An Economic and Community Development Project:

Research shows that beauty is one of the top three factors in creating community a achievement, or loyalty, to a particular town or city. A pleasant community appearance adds to home values, helps attract business investment, and improves the neighborhood reputation. As one of the gateways to downtown Chelan, WAL serves as an important point for tourism as well. Given that research shows that visitors’ opinions are formed by first and last impressions, greening and beautifying this eye-sore is of utmost important. The beautification of this area will be a fantastic way to have a significant impact on both community and economic development.
In addition to beautification, communities can have a positive impact on the local economy by creating easier access to the business district and emphasizing pedestrian friendly streets. The WAL would beautify our downtown, allow for boat access to our downtown businesses and increase pedestrian ease in our historic downtown. Woodin Avenue Landing would help create a stronger, more cohesive community center and would have real dollars-and- cents benefits.