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We implement Design, Economic Vitality, Merchants, Organization, and Promotion into a practical downtown management strategy to produce fundamental changes in our community’s economy.

Design Committee

The Design Committee often works in collaboration with the City of Chelan to enhance the downtown for both residents and visitors. Including historic building rehabilitation, street and alley cleanup, colorful banners, flower baskets, holiday lights and other types of beautification.

Economic Vitality

The Economic Vitality Committee works to make the downtown an inviting space for new businesses. They provide businesses with input and advice, and they are currently creating a handbook for new business and building owners in downtown Chelan.

Merchant Committee

The Merchant Committee is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the vitality of downtown businesses by encouraging foot traffic, fostering community spirit, and advocating for local shopping. It provides a collaborative platform for businesses to plan and implement growth strategies.

Organization Committee

The Organization Committee helps create the organizational framework to serve local business owners, residents, visitors, and other stakeholders. By implementing effective processes and systems, the committee maintains a stable structure, supporting the growth and sustainability of Historic Downtown Chelan.

Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee imagines and creates experiences to generate excitement and vibrancy downtown. It organizes community events, festivals, and celebrations to foster inclusivity. The committee also markets downtown's unique identity and educates about the significance of the historic core to the Lake Chelan Valley.


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