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The Historic Downtown Chelan Association is powered by a dedicated group of community members that live, work, or play downtown – usually all three! Being a member of the board is no small feat – it is a commitment that requires time and attention outside of members’ busy days running their businesses, raising families, and working full-time. We’re very grateful for the value that each board member brings and are thrilled to be in the company of people that share a passion for Chelan’s rich history. Meet the individuals that make the HDCA possible.


Allison and her husband were honored to relocate to Chelan with the opportunity to open their business, County Line, in early 2020. She originally joined HDCA because of the gratitude she had for the support provided through the pandemic and has continued to enjoy the relationships and the opportunity to be a steward to this vibrant and proud community.

In addition to owning County Line, Allison is the VP of HR for a technical consulting firm based out of Austin, TX. She is a proud UW Husky (“go DAWGS!”) and classic car lover who has a passion for snowboarding, cooking, entertaining, laughing with good friends and family … and, of course, spending time with her three border collies: Cash, Hank, and River.


Eric was born and raised in Chelan and has deep ties to the community. After graduating college, he lived and worked in Seattle where he was able to gain valuable experience. When the opportunity arose to come back and get involved in his family’s business, he jumped on it. Eric feels that the HDCA is one of the organizations that can have the most positive impact on downtown Chelan and identifies with the mission of shaping the future while respecting and preserving the past.

Eric is especially energized by the current climate of business ownership and opportunity in Chelan, stating, “The business climate and vibrancy downtown is strong and there is a really good collection of business owners and operators. It is so positive to see all the storefronts occupied and people out shopping and dining. I think this is a really exciting time to be a business owner in downtown Chelan.”

Eric is passionate about his hometown and is committed to being a positive contributor to the success of Campbell’s Resort, HDCA and Chelan.


Jennifer comes to the HDCA with nearly two decades of experience running and growing marketing programs for prominent government contracting and software companies. After visiting Chelan for years, she decided to establish roots in the area and now co-owns Layla’s Bar and Kitchen in the heart of downtown. She also runs her own marketing consulting company and consults for businesses in the valley.

Jennifer was drawn to the HDCA by a desire to get to know the community and help make a difference. She is especially excited for the opportunities within the HDCA and Chelan to grow and do more, stating that “The energy throughout the community and its members is just infectious.”

In her free time Jennifer skis, hikes, bikes, boats, and is an avid traveler. She has volunteered for non-profits and homeless shelters, is an active donator to the ASPCA & Susan G. Komen Foundation, and rescued three fur babies that are her everything.


Stacy was born and raised in Wenatchee and has been visiting Chelan for more than 45 years. After graduating from Wenatchee High School, she headed west to attend the University of Washington where she earned a degree in accounting and met her husband, Greg. She started her career as a tax CPA in 1993 and after her two children arrived, she left the tax world to focus on business accounting. She is an avid volunteer and loves to get involved and connect with the community she lives in.

Since 2010 Stacy and her husband have owned property in the Chelan area and quickly realized that small-town life was a better fit for them. Once their kids were grown and out of the nest, they made plans to move to Chelan full-time and have been here since early 2020.

One of Chelan’s appeals to Stacy is the downtown retail and residential area which has the same feel that she remembers from her visits as a little girl and is what attracted her to joining the HDCA. “There are few places as charming as downtown Chelan with its historical buildings, wonderful shops and restaurants, and scenic river walk,” says Stacy.
Stacy is excited about getting involved in the Chelan community and serving on the HDCA board as Treasurer. She hopes that as the surrounding area grows, downtown Chelan will maintain its small-town character and flavor.


Adam and his wife, Kelli, own Coldwell Banker Cascade Real Estate, and several retail stores in Chelan including Chelan Toys & Sweets, Lake Life, Swim World, and the newly opened Woody’s Classic Man. They strongly believe that businesses have a social obligation to give back to their communities and they serve on several boards.

Adam previously served on the HDCA Board of Directors from 2013 – 2016. Rynd says “My family and I are very passionate about the Chelan community and especially about preserving and enhancing our historic downtown. I’m honored to serve on the HDCA Board of Directions again and I look forward to being more involved in topics affecting historic downtown Chelan.”


Alysha relocated to Chelan full-time in early 2021 after years of frequent visits and has quickly taken an interest in the potential growth and development of downtown. Before living in Chelan, Ottrix had a thriving career in wine and spirits sales and has continued her interest in the industry by working full-time for a Chelan winery.

Ottrix says, “The opportunity to serve the community as a member of the HDCA board is exciting because of the unique challenge of preserving Chelan’s wonderful history while propelling the town forward.”


Servando moved to the Chelan area after completing his studies as a computer programmer in Morelia, Mexico in 1992. He began a job at Chelan Fruit where he worked for several years and also met his wife Linda. They married and had a son and two daughters who have grown into wonderful young adults. After spending years of building his professional career in business administration and hospitality in Leavenworth and Seaside, OR, Servando returned to Chelan and is currently the Director of Resort Operations and Property Manager of the Homeowner’s Association at the Chelan Lookout.

He became involved in the community doing what he enjoys most: providing community service and building relationships. In addition to his involvement with the HDCA, he also serves on the board of the Chelan Foodbank, volunteers as a substitute ESL instructor, and is a Chelan Rotarian. One of his goals as a councilmember is to engage the Hispanic community and expand communication on issues to improve the quality of life in Chelan such as affordable housing and services.