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A Little Bank with a Big Circle of Friends 

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Welcome to a very special blog post, where we highlight local leaders and businesses make a positive impact on our community and our organization. Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Stacy Willoughby, the Branch Manager of Cashmere Valley Bank in Chelan. With a passion for finance and community development, Stacy shares her journey into banking, her commitment to building meaningful relationships, and Cashmere Valley Bank’s dedication to supporting local causes. You can read our interview transcript below.

Casey: Hello, Stacy! Thank you for joining us today.

Stacy: Hi, Casey! It’s great to be here. Thanks for having me.

Casey: Let’s start by learning more about your background and how you became the Branch Manager of Cashmere Valley Bank.

Stacy: Of course! I’ve been in the financial industry for over 20 years, starting as an assistant manager at a credit union in 2001. I later became a financial advisor before deciding to move to Chelan in 2017 with my husband. We have had property in the area since 2009. I worked at a local winery for a little while during construction of our new home. Then in early 2021, I joined Cashmere Valley Bank where I do lending, from consumer loans like cars and home equity lines of credit to commercial loans.

Casey: That sounds like an exciting role. How has your experience with Cashmere Valley Bank been so far?

Stacy: It’s been a great experience. One of the things I appreciate most is the emphasis on building relationships with customers. Our bank believes in the principle “little bank with a big circle of friends”. We aim to provide a personalized banking experience, which is something you won’t often find with larger banks.

Casey: Personalized banking and community involvement seem to be the core values of Cashmere Valley Bank. Can you share some examples of how these values impact your banking approach?

Stacy: Absolutely! One of the main advantages of working with a community bank like Cashmere Valley Bank is that we can prioritize customer relationships. Our open-door policy allows clients to walk in and talk to us directly, making problem-solving easier, more efficient, and much more personal!

Additionally, we actively participate in community events and support local charities and sports teams. Our employees are encouraged to volunteer. It’s not just about being a bank; it’s about being an integral part of the community we serve.

Casey: It’s wonderful to see a bank committed to its community. How does Cashmere Valley Bank stand out from other banks in the area?

Stacy: Our focus on relationships is what sets us apart. We take the time to know our customers personally, and they know they can rely on us to provide attentive and caring service. Unlike large banks with distant call centers, we pride ourselves on being accessible and approachable. When a customer calls us, a real person answers the phone.

Casey: It’s impressive how Cashmere Valley Bank adapts to the changing times while maintaining traditional values. Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had while working at the bank?

Stacy: I have had the pleasure of starting a Chelan Women in Business Group in the community. It is aimed at bringing together women in business to support and share resources with each other. The bank supports this initiative, and it has been incredibly rewarding to see the connections and growth I have experienced as a result.

Casey: How wonderful! Finally, what would you say is your favorite aspect of working with Cashmere Valley Bank?

Stacy: As a bank, we genuinely care about the people and organizations in our community. Being able to support local causes, such as Third Thursdays and Music in the Park has been fulfilling. Also, being able to use numbers to tell a story and help local customers and businesses make informed financial decisions has been very exciting!

Casey: Stacy, thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us. It’s clear that Cashmere Valley Bank’s commitment to building relationships and supporting the community makes it a significant asset to the Chelan Valley. 

Stacy: Casey, it has been a pleasure sharing more about Cashmere Valley Bank. I appreciate what Historic Downtown Chelan does in our community as well.

Cashmere Valley Bank, Member FDIC