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Volunteering Is Cool!

Here at Historic Downtown Chelan, you’ll often hear us say that the heart of a small town is a vibrant downtown. But how do you build a vibrant downtown?

While there are many efforts at play, one of the most crucial ways to build a vibrant downtown is to build a strong sense of community. Creating the feeling of fellowship through volunteering can help nurture those around you and the place where we live. Volunteering has many benefits, both for you and for our community!

Here are six benefits of volunteering that will help inspire you to take action.

  1. Volunteering strengthens our community. Using time as your investment to give back to community members and help beautify the community with fun opportunities such as Third Thursdays and Music In The Park.
  2.  Volunteering can provide you with job prospects. While giving back you can connect with other volunteers and grow your network.
  3. Improve your self-esteem. By fostering empathy for your neighbors, you will also increase your sense of self-efficiency.
  4. Increase your social skills. By volunteering, you will practice and develop strong communication skills.
  5. Volunteering can provide you with a sense of purpose by knowing that you are making a difference for those around you.
  6. Stimulate personal growth. When you give back to others, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Preservation and innovation don’t happen by themselves. It takes a team to get things done (and have fun!) We love our volunteers and couldn’t make downtown a welcoming gathering place without you.

Feeling inspired? Head over to our volunteer page and sign-up to get involved in helping our community!